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    First Transportation Vehicles In The World

    Published: January 03, 2019

    First Transportation Vehicles In The World, car, phaeton, bus, train...


    First Transportation Vehicles In The World

    • 1. First Transportation Vehicles In The World First Transportation Vehicles In The World
    • 2. TUMBREL TUMBREL The vehicle they used to transport people. It is usually used by the oxen and sometimes by the horse or the donkey. It was invented in 4000 BC .
    • 3. PHAETON PHAETON The word "carriage", which means horse carriage, comes from French. B.C. In the 2800s it is said that it first appeared in Egypt.
    • 4. CAR CAR The BC It is believed that after the discovery of the wheel and the sled in 3000 years. From the 9th century onwards, cars began to close. After 1400s, significant success was achieved in reducing the jolts by using spring scissors in cars.
    • 5. BUS BUS The bus is a motor vehicle with a capacity of more than 17 persons including the driver according to the road transport regulations. The first buses emerged in Paris in 1662. The spread of these vehicles was again in Paris in the 1820s.
    • 6. TRAIN TRAIN The train is a transportation vehicle consisting of wagons drawn or pushed by several locomotives on rails. first introduced in the world in the early 1800s, in the UK
    • 7. BICYCLE BICYCLE There is no complete consensus among historians about the invention of the bicycle, and the alleged dates are controversial. The bicycle was not invented by a single inventor, but as a result of many different efforts in history. It was invented in 1817.
    • 8. MOTORCYCLE MOTORCYCLE The motorcycle is a one- or two-seat vehicle with two or three-wheeled, bicycle-like, internal combustion engine. In 1869, the in USA Massachusetts Sylvester Roper attempted to develop a motorcycle-like vehicle powered by steam.
    • 9. TRACTOR TRACTOR The tractor is a land vehicle with a self-propelled engine that attracts agricultural tools used in fields, gardens, vineyards and parks of cities. The first tractor with internal combustion engine was made in 1892 by John Froehlich of Iowa in the USA.
    • 10. TRUCK TRUCK 1894 In Lyon, Marius Berliet designed and commissioned a single-cylinder engine, then built his first oil-powered car. In 1906 he built his first truck. 1920s is a period when trucks and trucks are developing rapidly. In the early 20s, trucks had chain- driven systems and stuffed rubber wheels.