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    The First Means of Transport in Turkey

    Published: December 27, 2018

    Learn The First Means of Transport in Turkey


    The First Means of Transport in Turkey

    • 1. The First Means of Transport in Turkey The First Means of Transport in Turkey
    • 2. Dolmuş (Collective Taxi) Dolmuş (Collective Taxi) A dolmuş or a collective taxi is a means of transportation that has a certain distance between personal transport and traditional bus transport, usually on a bus, but which can stand anywhere to pick up and unload passengers in addition to buses. The main development of the dolmus was after 1945
    • 3. Troleybus Troleybus Electric bus that takes its power from two cables hanging along the road. Turkey's first trolleybus network is installed and put into service in Ankara.
    • 4. Tramway Tramway Urban transportation in Istanbul starts in 1869 with the establishment of the Dersaadet Tramway Company and the construction of the Tunnel Facilities. In 1871 the company started to transport four horses on a horse-drawn tram.The tram line was rendered electrified by Catene wire on February 2, 1914.
    • 5. Tramway Tramway tram line was rendered electrified by Catene wire on February 2, 1914.
    • 6. Metro (Subway) Metro (Subway) Metro as founded in 1875 in Turkey. The first line was Karaköy-Beyoğlu.
    • 7. Bus Bus Motor vehicle with capacity of more than 17 persons including the driver. The first urban bus passenger transport in Turkey started in 1927 in Istanbul. IETT was established in 1939.
    • 8. Airplane Airplane The first name of the airport "Yeşilköy" is now called "Atatürk Airport". The first aviation venture in Turkey in 1911-12, today's established land near Ataturk Airport, which it began two hangars and a small square.
    • 9. Airplane Airplane The first steps of civil aviation started to be taken with the "Turkish Tayyare Cemiyeti" established in 1925. The facility in Yeşilköy was used for military purposes until 1933, when civilian flights were launched by two King Bird models from America.
    • 10. Kayık   Kayık As far as we know, the kayık has become the indispensable means of transportation of the two cities in the world. One of the first drawings on Istanbul, Giovanni Andrea Vavassore's engravings of the early 1500s show small kayık moving between the two shores of the Golden Horn.
    • 11. Kayık   Kayık It is understood that these kayık, like the gondolas in Venice, were driven by a person standing in the stern of the kayak with a paddle called pala.
    • 12. Karevela Karevela Turks in the golden age of the Ottoman Empire, the world's most powerful navy, 'Karevela' from the Bosphorus to the Fishing Line, designed many marine vehicles.
    • 13. Ferryboat Ferryboat Birth of the first car ferry :In the 1860s, Hüseyin Haki Efendi came to the head of the in Company-i Hayriyye Hüseyin Haki, an innovative manager who has been thinking for a long time on a solution that will facilitate the transportation of vehicles, opened the idea to Mehmet Usta, the architect of the company and asked him to develop it.
    • 14. Railway Railway The railway history in Anatolia starts on 23 September 1856 with the first railway line, the 130 km İzmir-Aydın line. In the years following World War II, the importance of transportation was recorded on highways. As a result, rail length increased by only 11% between 1960 and 1997. Since 2003, TCDD has started to construct a high- speed railway line.