Maheela - Visual Production Tour

    Published: February 25, 2019

    From raw material to final product


    Maheela - Visual Production Tour

    • 1. Slide47 Maheela WELCOME to our visual production tour -From raw material to final product
    • 2. Slide105 “The produced textiles are not just a product. Reasonably it is art, love and a message from our SSBU sisters. To buy one scarf means to give one woman a day of fair work”
    • 3. Slide60 Step 1: Raw Materials MAHEELA Once the orders are received from the customers- the procurement and preparation of raw materials begins.
    • 4. Slide63 MAHEELA The threads are loosened from the big rollers. Step 2: Loosening
    • 5. Slide62 MAHEELA Before dying- the colors are precisely calculated, weighed and mixed. Step 3: Color Mixing
    • 6. Slide64 MAHEELA The color-mix is blended into the tempered water and the yarns are dyed. Step 4: Dying
    • 7. Slide65 MAHEELA When the desired color is obtained- the dyed yarns are carefully hung up on racks and dried. Step 5: Drying
    • 8. Slide66 MAHEELA The dried yarns are spun into small rollers which are used to make the warp. Step 6: Spinning
    • 9. Slide67 MAHEELA The design of the scarf is drafted and defined. Step 7: Warping
    • 10. Slide96 MAHEELA The pattern and design is prepared for weaving. Step 8: Drafting
    • 11. Slide97 MAHEELA According to the design- the distinct sets of threads are interlaced to form the scarf. Step 9: Weaving
    • 12. Slide98 MAHEELA The weaved products are mended for gaps and breaks. Step 10: Mending
    • 13. Slide99 MAHEELA The fringes are twisted, knotted and stitched. Step 11: Fringe Work
    • 14. Slide100 MAHEELA The scarves are washed and dried to soften the fabrics. Step 12: Washing
    • 15. Slide101 MAHEELA The scarves are further softened by hand. Step13: Softening
    • 16. Slide104 MAHEELA The scarves are ironed and pressed before packaging. Step14: Ironing & Pressing
    • 17. Slide106 MAHEELA The scarves are thoroughly quality- checked before packaging. Step15: Quality Checks
    • 18. Slide103 MAHEELA The scarves are labelled and prepared for shipping. Step15: Labelling & Packaging
    • 19. Slide107 MAHEELA Step 17: Ready for delivery!
    • 20. Slide53 The Maheela team appreciate your kind interest and support
    • 21. Slide48