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    Published: February 22, 2021

    Get the world’s most efficient-pedaling suspension designs with class stiffness to weight ratios, hassle-free, full-length, internal cable routing, fully Di2 compatible. Hurry to contact your nearest authorized Pivot dealer. If you have any question, call us on +1 877-857-4868 or send us an e-mail at Info@PivotCycles.com


    Cross-Country Bikes | XC Mountain Bike | Pivot Cycles

    • 1. XC Trails | Pivot Cycles XC Trails | Pivot Cycles Pivot Cycles | Award Winning Mountain Bikes
    • 2.       About Pivot Cycles About Pivot Cycles •Pivot Cycles is an innovative, highly technical mountain bike manufacturing company based in Tempe, Arizona. Read More •Pivot Cycles established in 2007, highly innovative company that draws on founder Chris Cocalis 32 years of mountain biking design and engineering experience.
    • 3.                    XC Trails  XC Trails •Best in class stiffness to weight ratios and the world’s most efficient-pedaling suspension designs are hallmarks of Pivot’s cross-country bikes. XC Trails comes in 4 XC Trails Bicycles. •1. Mach 4 SL •2. LES SL •3. LES Singlespeed •4. LES 27.5 Read More
    • 4.                                Mach 4 SL Mach 4 SL •Frame weight starting at 1845 grams & 20.9 lb complete •Designed to work with 100- 120mm travel forks •Lightweight, cold forged alloy linkages with Enduro Max Cartridge Bearings •Progressive XC geometry for the most demanding World Cup courses Mach 4 SL Features
    • 5.         LES SL LES SL •Super-light, ride-tuned, carbon frame •Ultra-lightweight carbon dropouts •Optimized Pivot Cable Port System for hassle-free, full- length, internal cable routing •Frame weight (size medium) is 2.3 lbs LES SL Features
    • 6. LES Singlespeed LES Singlespeed •Frame weight (size medium) is 2.96 lbs •Integrated headset for a lighter frame and lighter overall system weight •Optimized Pivot Cable Port System for hassle- free, full-length, internal cable and hose routing •Swinger II dropout system for adjustable chain tension without geometry compromises. Know More on LES Singlespeed
    • 7.                                    LES 27.5 LES 27.5 •Ultra-light, ride- tuned, carbon frame •Hassle-free, full- length, internal cable routing. Fully Di2 compatible •Designed to work with forks from 100- 130mm in travel •Fits riders between 4’10" and 6'1" Know More
    • 8. Contact US Registered Office: 6720 South Clementine Court Tempe, AZ 85283 TEL: +1 480-467-2920 Registered Office: Pivot Cycles EU GmbH Frankfurter Straße 80-82 65760 Eschborn Germany +49 711 49059800 www.pivotcycles.com Registered Office: No. 2, Lane 130, Xizhou Road, Taiping District, Taichung City, Taiwan 406 TEL: +49 711 49059800