History Of Yin And Yang

    Published: March 06, 2019

    In Chinese, Yin means a shadowy or dark side. Yang means a sunny or bright side. In Chinese philosophy, Yin - Yang; dark and light, negative and positive means.


    History Of Yin And Yang

    • 1. History Of Yin  And Yang History Of Yin And Yang
    • 2. What it is Yin And Yang Water and fire, darkness and light are considered as natural representations of Yin - Yang thought. The origin of this duality is based on classical Chinese science and philosophy. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on this duality philosophy. In addition, this philosophy is one of the main thinking and practical forms of Chinese martial arts. In Chinese, Yin means a shadowy or dark side. Yang means a sunny or bright side. In Chinese philosophy, Yin - Yang; dark and light, negative and positive means. It is desirable to tell how the things that are completely opposite to each other complement each other, 180 degrees opposite each other on the are actually connected to each other. What it is Yin And Yang
    • 3. Unity, Uniqueness, Binary Yin and Yang are seen as two complementary forces instead of opposing each other. Yin and Yang are dominant in everything in life, and in every single case one of Yin and Yang is thought to have outweighed The binary exists in many belief systems. The idea of Yin Yang is parallel to the Unity, Uniqueness concept. This belief is centered on Taoism. The ideas of dialectic monopoly or dual unity are the fruits of a fruitful paradox of unity. Unity, Uniqueness, Binary
    • 4. Symbol Of Yin And Yang Yin: slow, soft, cold, wet, passive has the title. Water, earth, moon, femininity and night. Yang: fast, hard, solid, dry, hot has adjectives. It points to fire, sky, sun, masculinity and day. Yin means the dark side and has a white spot in the middle. Yang is the bright side and a black dot in the middle. This relationship can be considered as a dedication to the movement of sunlight over mountains and valleys. Yin, the shady parts of the mountain mass; Yang represents the sun-seeing sides. As the sun moves, the Yin and Yang regions change over time. Symbol Of Yin And Yang
    • 5. They Cannot Be Separate From Each Other Yin and Yang are thinkable things. They are each other's integral parts. It can sustain a human race without a woman without a man but when men and women become together, they form a partnership and this partnership forms a whole, the unity of duality. They Cannot Be Separate From Each Other
    • 6. Unity            o f        Binarity A seed planted in the ground sprouts into the sky. The other one's down. After the sprout grows and gives fruit, it falls to the ground again and mixes with the soil. At the same time, the sprout needs sunlight. In other words, Yin and Yang are not fixed. Yin and Yang are like that when day and night is constantly changing. Sometimes one of Yin and Yang outweighs. For example, in some fish species, if the number of male fish is not enough, the female fish immediately transform into male fish and become involved in reproduction. Unity o f Binarity
    • 7. What Happens When Yang Comes Superior? If Yang is excess, there are too many pathogens in the body, which cause the disease. For example, a person with pneumonia has a high fever, his face is red and his breathing is problematic. These symptoms, indicating that the fever is high, are characteristic of the fire. Because the Yin properties are normal, excessive fire results from the excess of fire. Doctors consider it an invasion of the deadly properties of the fire. As a treatment to lower the body's temperature, cold drinks can be given as examples. When the fever falls to normal, the body regains its balance and the treatment is completed. What Happens When Yang Comes Superior?
    • 8. What happens if Yin is less? In such a case, the body is malnourished. Since Yin and yang are in constant struggle with each other, one decreases and the other increases. These samples are considered to have increased fire if the body has reduced yin. This causes dry mouth, a relative increase in body temperature, and sweating at night. This fire is considered a real fire. Because of this fire, due to lack of yin, is not due to excessive fire. The imbalance caused by deficiency of yin is usually seen in diabetic patients, menopausal women and malignancies. Unlike extreme fire, the fire that occurs in yin deficiency cannot be reduced by overheated plants. Nutrients and plants that increase the amount of yin should be used here. What happens if Yin is less?
    • 9. Yin Yang and Medicine In traditional Chinese medicine, patients were treated as a whole. Therefore, physicians of the time focused on the whole body, not to a particular area of the patient. On the other hand, physicians tried to relieve the pain and pain in the problematic area of the patient and they would try to improve the person to fully heal. Yin Yang and Medicine
    • 10. Yang Plants Plants of the Yang category are also consumed hot and heat the contents. Sharp. Sweet plants can expand the flow of blood plants that are sweet like candy. Prevents stomach and muscle pains. In Yang category, plants generally regulate the circulation pattern and prevent the skin from sagging. Yin plants are consumed cold and take the body's heat. It shows detox effect. Some of the plants in this category are known to be sour. Sour plants are good for diseases such as sweating, coughing, painful menstruation and diarrhea. Bittersweet plants, lowers the fire. Regulates the digestive system. Good for asthma, vomiting, constipation. In general, plants belonging to the Yin category make it easy to calm down, reduce fever and get rid of constipation. Yin Plants Yang Plants
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