What is Wowslides

    Published: June 13, 2018

    What is Wowslides?


    What is Wowslides

    • 1. Slide1 #1 Slide sharing platform with awesome Powerpoint to HTML5 Convertion Technology
    • 2. Slide5 your WoW PowerPoint presentations, All Animations, Transitions, Triggers and Multimedia formats supported on all Devices and Platforms CONVERT SHARE TRACE
    • 3. Slide7 Presentations Work Flawlessly on All Devices with All Animations And Transitions Share Your PPTX Files From Web & Mobile
    • 4. Slide11 Scorm Supported - Convert your presentations into interactive E-learning courses with Wowslides Enterprise Animations and Triggers Transition Effects, Video and Audio, Tables, Charts, and Shapes, Image Quality Text Formatting and Effects RTL Languages Hyperlinks and Buttons SmartArt Objects Track and Analyze Your Presentations (Presentation and user based Heatmaps, detailed analytics )
    • 5. Slide13 Convert your PowerPoint presentations in to first class Scorm compliant Html5 E-learning courses with Wowslides enterprise. Wowslides Enterprise Download your presentations as Scorm (2004 3th Edition) or integrate the generated HTML5 in to your apps with powerful Rest API's. Access Wowslides API for easy integration, programaticaly access your content with Javascript WebHooks, Track & Analyze Your users, collect meaningful insights for your slides
    • 6. Slide12