Business Template- 20

    Published: July 19, 2018

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    Business Template- 20

    • 1. Slide1 STARTUP NAME (Explain what you are doing in the simplest way with a sentence)
    • 2. Slide2 KEY PHRASE Why should the investor listen to you? Attention! (Example: I will introduce you to the most downloaded application in America in 2018.)
    • 3. Slide6 PROBLEM Startup Name Problem 1 (data-driven proof) Problem 2 (data-driven proof) Problem 3 (data-driven proof) The problem should be both huge and affect many people.
    • 4. Slide7 Startup Name SOLUTION Write your solution proposal in a sentence that highlights your biggest parser feature.
    • 5. Slide10 Startup Name PRODUCT •FEATURE 1 •FEATURE 2 •FEATURE 3 Describe Your Product in a Sentence Tell us about the technology behind it. (Don't try demo, maybe you can show pre-recorded screens.)
    • 6. Slide8 Startup Name INCOME MODEL Subscription Ads Specify if you have tested this model. Specify if you have tested this model.
    • 7. Slide9 Startup Name MARKET TOTAL MARKET Market For Your Business Model The market within the limits of your initiative and your team. üTell about the market and the opportunity at the market. üTell, why the market is in need of your product.
    • 8. Slide13 Startup Name GROWTH STRATEGY üInformation and proofs about your growth engine. (Your most productive channel.) ü Your Marketing Strategy. üYour Distribution Channels. Months
    • 9. Slide12 Startup Name E C CUSTOMERS A These companies are productive and they love us very much. (Talk about a few metrics about loyalty) D B F
    • 10. Slide16 Startup Name OUR COMPETITORS + - + + + + - - - - + + + + - + +
    • 11. Slide14 Startup Name WHAT ARE WE DOING NOW? Now Novemver 2014 December 2014 January 2015 April 2015 June 2015 December 2015 March 2015 Prototype Web launch iPhone Application Launch Introduction to the American market. Webrazzi Best Enterprise Award Our First Cash-Out Customer Our First Beta User
    • 12. Slide17 Startup Name OUR METRIC Monthly user Revenue growth rate X % qCAC qLTV qCHURN qActive User qTotal Users
    • 13. Slide15 Startup Name OUR FINANCIAL qBurn Rate qRevenue Run Rate qRunway qGross Margin
    • 14. Slide23 Startup Name INVESTMENT TOUR We are looking for 15% to $ 200K. An informal investor committed $ 40. We will use it for 12 months.
    • 15. Slide18 Startup Name OUR TEAM FOUNDER'S NAME FOUNDER'S NAME TEAM MEMBER NAME Tips on how to best promote this initiative. Education, work experience Tips on how to best promote this initiative. Education, work experience Tips on how to best promote this initiative. Education, work experience Title Title Title
    • 16. Slide19 Startup Name PARTNERSHIP Informal Investor Founder 1 Founder 2 Founder 3
    • 17. Slide20 Startup Name WHY INVEST IN US? Your Technological Advantages Your Ip-based Rights Marketing barriers Your advantages of entering the marketing first Advantages of the team
    • 18. Slide21 Startup Name WHY IS IT THE RIGHT TIME? üGlobal peers get very good investments, üToo many exit options, üVery intense interest from the customer, üOn the next investment rounds, you will be very interested, üCultural, regulatory, technological changes.
    • 19. Slide22 Startup Name PARTNERSHIP üMail Adress üPhone Number üYour Question ADD PICTURE