How to Upload Presentation to Wowslides?

    Published: July 10, 2018

    Let's share your enriched presentations in Wowslides for free.


    How to Upload Presentation to Wowslides?

    • 1. How to Upload Presentation to Wowslides? How to Upload Presentation to Wowslides?
    • 2. Step 1 Wowslides was designed for you to share your presentations easily. The most important button is located on the top right of the page. «Click Upload» button and then, you are on the Upload page. 1 2
    • 3. Step 2 You can upload unlimited number of PowerPoint presentation files that include unlimited number of slides formatted .ppt and .pptx.
    • 4. Step 3 There are two basic steps to upload your file. At the first step, «drop» your PPT, PPTX or PDF file to or select from file to upload your presentation. 1 2
    • 5. Step 4 When you add your presentation, the second step, «Project Details» will be opened automatically. On the left, you can preview your presentation. On the right, edit your presentation details. «Enter» a title, category, description and keywords. «Click» the public. Arrange visibility status Everyone or Private.
    • 6. Step 5 «Visibility Settings» Wowslides provides you to arrange visibility settings of your presentation. You can change your presentation's viewer settings from the screen in the picture. Auto Advance: Provides automatic transition to slides. Navigation Type: Navigation bar position. •Auto •Hover •Footer •Hidden Previous & Next: Switch previous and next buttons on the footer. Outline Menu: Switch the outline menu includes slides of your presentation. When you open it, users can navigate between your slides. Laser: Switch the pointer to present your presentation. Full Screen: Allows making full screen the presentation.
    • 7. Step 6 «privacy settings» Decide who you want your presentation to see These privacy settings are: Everyone, Only me, Anyone with a link, Anyone with a link A password.
    • 8. Step 7 «select licence» Licence types allows you to define a licence for your presentation. If you don’t select one from the list, CC by Attribution is selected as a default setting. These licence types are listed below. Please, read each of them for making the right choice.
    • 9. Start making your own presentation. Start making your own presentation. GO