Visual Merchandising

    Published: October 11, 2018

    The Purposes of Displays Types of Exterior Displays


    Visual Merchandising

    • 1. VIsual MerchandIsIng VIsual MerchandIsIng An Advertising Medium
    • 2. Topıcs that we wıll cover Topıcs that we wıll cover 1.The purpose of a display 2.Types of Displays a)Exterior b)Interior 3.Creating Displays a)Best Practices b)Steps in Planning a Display c)Evaluating Displays 4.Colour a)The Colour Wheel b)Basic Colour Schemes c)Colour use in displays
    • 3. Topıcs for Today Topıcs for Today •The Purposes of Displays •Types of Exterior Displays
    • 4. VIsual MerchandIsIng VIsual MerchandIsIng •Displays are a form of advertising that has been used ever since retailing existed. • ie. Farmer putting ripest apples on top •Today, an effective display does not only show goods, but also increases sales by appealing to customers sense of sight.
    • 5. VIsual MerchandIsIng VIsual MerchandIsIng •Exterior displays are used to: •Catch attention •Create interest •Encourage people to enter store •Displays have the same goal as advertising: AIDA –Attention –Interest –Desire –Action
    • 6. Purposes of DIsplays Purposes of DIsplays •To grab customers’ attention •To get customers into the store •To encourage browsing and self service •To support salesperson’s presentation •To reinforce store image and advertising •To allow employees quick visual control of merchandise •To streamline stock keeping and housekeeping
    • 7. Types of ExterIor DIsplays Types of ExterIor DIsplays •Store front: •Signage •Marquee •Outdoor lighting •Banners •Planters •Awnings •Building itself (its design and setting) •Window Displays •Outside walls •Sidewalk displays
    • 8. Types of ExterIor DIsplay WIndows Types of ExterIor DIsplay WIndows •Closed background displays •Semi-closed background displays •Open window displays
    • 9. Closed ExterIor WIndow DIsplays Closed ExterIor WIndow DIsplays Customers are focused on the display window, cannot see inside store Traditionally used by large department stores http://www.briancroft.com/large-single-view/%20Vancouver%20and%20Victoria/16207-5-3973/Painting/Acrylic/Cityscape.html
    • 10. SemI-closed Background DIsplays SemI-closed Background DIsplays •Used by cafes, jewellery and smaller clothing stores •Visually blocks part of the store, possibly using partially boxed windows
    • 11. Open WIndow DIsplays Open WIndow DIsplays •Best window display is no window display! •Customers can see the entire interior of the store
    • 12. Your Task Today Your Task Today •Worksheet due by the end of class •Next class •Interior Displays