Growing Countries Economical in 2018

    Published: February 25, 2019

    The special issue of The Economist in the world in 2018 included the assessment that the global outlook will continue to improve and that developing countries spend the best year since 2014.


    Growing Countries Economical in 2018

    • 1. Growing Countries Economical in2018 Growing Countries in 2018 Economically
    • 2. What economically developing countries are waiting for? What economically developing countries are waiting for? The special issue of The Economist in the world in 2018 included the assessment that the global outlook will continue to improve and that developing countries spend the best year since 2014.
    • 3. Growth will continue Growth will continue According to the assessment, the global economy will grow by 3.3 percent next year. According to the survey, which will be a better year for developing economies. Growth will be realized at 4.4 percent in these countries.
    • 4. Germany Germany Angela Merkel will be prime minister for the fourth time. However, political wrangling will take place in Germany in a busy year. Merkel will have to deal with the Alternative Party (AfD) for the extreme right populist Germany entering parliament for the first time. The task of defending liberal democracy in Europe against Europe will also fall to Germany. The German economy is expected to grow by 1.8 per cent in 2018 and inflation by 1.5 per cent.
    • 5. Bulgaria Bulgaria The government struggling with political problems will survive even under threat in 2018. Tightening fiscal policy to support rising pressure and dry rates in the coalition overshadows economic reforms. EU funds for infrastructure projects will support the economy. GDP is expected to increase by 3.3 per cent in the new year and inflation will be around 2 per cent.
    • 6. France France President Macron's party holds the majority to ease economic reforms. New regulations and tax reform are among the priorities in the employment market. In the country where the per capita income is calculated as 40 thousand 758 dollars, the growth expectation in 2018 is expected to increase by 1.7 percent.
    • 7. England England Brexit will continue to be the main subject of the country's agenda. It is expected that economic easing will slow down in the fourth consecutive year and be 1.3 per cent in the country, where the austerity policies are expected to loosen and the budget balance will worsen.
    • 8. Spain Spain The economy is coming alive, but it is stated that the government, which is experiencing the conflict, may not be able to complete the term ended in 2020. Reforms, Spain to reach a stronger government is hard to bring to life is expressed, the financial crisis has been implemented since reforms are expected to reach 2.8 per cent growth. Decreasing unemployment will support the economy
    • 9. Italy Italy In Italy, which has entered the election year, there will be pressure on coalition discussions. Economic growth, which gained strength in 2017, is expected to slow down again in 2018 and remain at 1.0 per cent.
    • 10. Hungray Hungray In April, Fidesz's government is expected to come to power for the third time. Prime Minister Viktor Orban's collection power and tight management are expected to reach 3.4 per cent of the economy.
    • 11. Czech Republic Czech Republic The economy is expected to grow by 2.3 per cent and inflation is expected to be 2 per cent in the country's agenda of the government of corruption, anti-corruption, reform of the public, tax benefits for the middle income.
    • 12. Poland Poland Increasing the government's impact on the judiciary is a cause of concern, but monitoring investment-friendly economic policies is giving an upward boost to GDP. Economic growth forecast is 3.4 per cent.
    • 13. Portugal Portugal Growth in Portugal, which grew above the Eurozone in 2017, is expected to be retracted to a more moderate region in the New Year and limited to 1.7 per cent.
    • 14. Romanıa Romanıa There is a reluctance to pursue non-public reforms to reduce economic imbalances. However, it is estimated that the economy will grow by 4.5 per cent in 2018. Infusion rate estimated at 2.5 per cent
    • 15. Russia Russia In the March elections, President Vladimir Putin is confident he will be sitting in the same chair for the fourth time. The economy is expected to focus on the impact of Western sanctions, lower oil prices and increased unemployment. According to EIU, the economy is expected to show strong growth by 1.5 per cent
    • 16. Greece Greece It is still spoken that one day he may leave the eurozone, but this will not happen in 2018. The economy is expected to catch the highest growth rate of 1.8 per cent and the last 11 years. In the country where inflation is estimated to be 1.0 per cent, income per capita is calculated as 18,736 dollars.
    • 17. Turkey Turkey In the third quarter, growing by 11.1 per cent compared to Turkey's Medium Term Program, economists predict growth of 5.5 per cent next year, economists are predicting more pessimistic forecasts. According to the magazine, Turkey's economy is expected to grow by 4.1 per cent in 2018.
    • 18. ABD ABD If Donald Trump stays in office, the ‘America First’ policy will create a lot of frustration in achieving success. The tension within the Republican Party will cause Trump's agenda to shift. Around 2 per cent of the economic growth will be ‘new normal’. The economic growth rate in the new year 2.2 per cent. The inflation estimate is 2.0 per cent.
    • 19. Argentia Argentia Central right President Mauricio Macri has launched a reform programme to ensure sustainable economic growth. The economy will reach the top growth figure since 2011, even if the political turmoil continues. GDP is expected to grow by 3.3 per cent in 2018.
    • 20. Brazil Brazil President Michel Temer will continue with plans to modernize the employment market. But political scandals will reduce the president's political power. Changes in the pension system, which are considered important in the long term health of the country's economy, do not appear on the table. Growth is expected to remain at 2.0 per cent.
    • 21. Mexico Mexico Before the elections in 2018, NAFTA talks need to be completed. Some economic reforms need to be implemented against the protective measures that the government can implement by the United States. In the country with 130.8 million population, growth prospects are 1.9 per cent in 2018.
    • 22. Peru Peru The economy slowed down by El Nino, is expected to accelerate by 3.6 per cent in 2018.
    • 23. Venezuela Venezuela Hyper inflation and debt default will put pressure on the economy. The economy is expected to shrink 0.6 per cent, while inflation is expected to reach 1.104 per cent.
    • 24. Australlia Australlia In the early elections, power will shift to the left, which means health and education expenditures will increase. In China, economic growth in Australia is expected to slow down and be 2.4 per cent in parallel with the economic downturn.
    • 25. China China Shi camp will start as the most powerful leader since Deng Xiaoping, who adopted the market economy 40 years ago. In recent years, the economic boom supported by the debt needs to be revived. This is a slowdown in economic growth and revenue growth. The country's economy is expected to grow by 5.8 per cent in 2018. China's income per capita is expected to be 9 thousand 223 dollars in China is expected to grow by 1.8 per cent.
    • 26. Endonesia Endonesia President Joko Widodo has not been very successful in the expected reforms on corruption but has made progress in business-friendly reforms, such as reducing regulations for cheap energy. He also plans to introduce new regulations at the minimum wage expected to increase productivity. GDP is expected to grow by 4.8 per cent in the next year, while inflationary rates are estimated to be 4.6 per cent.
    • 27. Philippines Philippines In 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte took over a fast-growing economy. The foreign exchange coming from immigrants, the strong growing ‘outsourcing’ sector also supports the economy. Strong growth of 5.6 per cent is expected in the new year.
    • 28. India India Structuring efforts to make the economy more efficient and competitive are yielding results. In 2018, the country will be the largest economy with the fastest growing GDP. India, with a population of 1.35 billion, is expected to grow by 7.8 per cent next year and its inflation is expected to be 4.3 per cent. Per capita income is still under $ 2000.
    • 29. Japan Japan Even the use of monetary and fiscal policies with structural reforms to increase the economy will not be enough to accelerate growth. Forecasts suggest that the economy will increase by 1.0 per cent in 2018. Inflation rate forecast is 0.4 per cent
    • 30. Kazakhistan Kazakhistan The pressure on the economy will continue to be felt in low oil prices. Growth is expected to be 2.3 per cent and growth year is expected to be 6.2 per cent.
    • 31. Malaysia Malaysia The economy is expected to grow strong with 5.0 per cent. Despite the slowdown in China, the increase in consumer spending will support the economy is said to be.
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